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  • RE: Query Construction

    Try this:

    DECLARE @FieldB int

    SET @FieldB = 124

    SELECT * From Table1

    WHERE FieldA = (SELECT FieldA from Table1 WHERE FieldB = @FieldB)

  • RE: understand following concepts of resouce database:

    I am not sure from where did you get those statements, but the data files (and the log files) of internal resource databases should be touched only by SQL Server...

  • RE: Query optimization

    I also see a DISTINCT clause on all queries.

    You can also try removing them and place only one DISTINCT. I am not sure on the performance, but...

  • RE: Connectiontime out error

    The issue could be connected to many areas:

    1. Network error.

    2. Application times out in less time (someone has changed the configuration value)

    3. Execution plans have changed.

    4. ...

  • RE: Triggers with replication

    If you are using transaction replication, it has two phases: During the initial setup, snapshot replication is set and it does not care about triggers.

    When you add/update/delete rows after...

  • RE: Why would an identity clustered index get fragmented?

    Is it the fill factor of the index?

  • RE: Twenty tips to write a good stored procedure

    So my question is: Does anyone have strong recommendations (other than readability:-D) regarding LEFT JOIN versus either of the other two? Are there any circumstances in SQL Server where...

  • RE: Twenty tips to write a good stored procedure

    10. WHERE clauses - In a WHERE clause, the various operators used directly affect how fast a query can run. Here are the conditional operators used in the WHERE clause,...

  • RE: Can we restore a database from SQL Server 2005 Enterprise edition to Standard Edition?

    For example, table & index partition is an EE only feature. I haven't tested this, but that is what BOL says 🙂

    So I expect you to face...

  • RE: SQL Alert Anomaly

    I too am facing the same problem. I installed sp3 on this server. I received an interesting description

    DATE/TIME: 1/17/2009 7:42:12 PM

    DESCRIPTION: The SQL Server performance counter 'Buffer cache hit ratio'...

  • RE: Can't install sql server 2005:(

    Additionally, did you try installing it on another computer? IF you get the same error, you can be sure that it is an issue with the installation files.

  • RE: Can't install sql server 2005:(

    Install without VSS Writer first and try it as a single component again (through update process)

    You can figureout the issue.

    Also if it is not working, I am pretty sure...

  • RE: Very large database file > 2TB shrinking


    How much free space you have in the file?

    I suspect that you are trying to shrink the file to a size where your data is holding larger space.

    If that is...

  • RE: Can't install sql server 2005:(

    This error could be an isolated issue related to the installation package you have and/or your computer settings.

    Can you try installing evrything else except the troublesome component?

  • RE: Stalled Process in 2005

    This could even be a data issue. IS there any branching, looping conditions you have?

    Is your package starts and after processing something it fails (without error) or goes into an...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 163 total)