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  • RE: A Rather old issue about cursors

    I suppose you had a WHERE clause on that update ?

    Also, you can choose between using the primary key, or "Where current of @cursor".

    I think "cursors are bad for performance"...

  • RE: Stored Procedure Execution Plan and Query Optimizer

    The first sentence in that article should have said:

    A query plan that is generated to be optimal for a given parameter value, may not be optimal for a different parameter...

  • RE: Defragment system tables indexes

    I would not think defrag would usually be worthwhile for SYSTEM tables. "25 GB worth of indexes" would not be the SYSTEM tables - sysobjects etc. They are...

  • RE: Non-Unique Clustered Indexes and invisible Unique Identifiers

    If you create a UNIQUEID and cluster-index it purely to make all useful indexes nonclustered, then this would behave very much like having no clustered index, a 'heap'. I...

  • RE: What is the optimiser thinking?

    If you ran non-orderby version first then order-by version, the data could have been buffered, making it faster. Run:

    DBCC DropCleanBuffers

    before each run.

    Though you said physical reads were the same....

  • RE: Calling an API from SQL Server

    You can setup a custom extended stored procedure to call a DLL function. I havent got the info, I googled:

    extended stored procedure SQLServer DLL

    and seems to be some info.

  • RE: SQL Autogrow Option

    I'm a developer rather than DBA so I might be contradicted ..

    Auto Grow is OK. Ideally you should pre-allocate the database, monitoring the used space vs allocated regularly so...

  • RE: How does SQl UPdate

    I'm pretty sure the fact that the pseudotables are called deleted and inserted is just a fiction, they are really preimage and postimage.

    Physically, an updated row will be replaced within...

  • RE: Database replication

    Basically, your requirement is for Replication, so you should look at SQLServer's Replication features in detail. Sometimes log shipping (that is, copying transaction log backups) is used to achieve...

  • RE: Where Is The Problem with link server query?

    '2004-09-01' - the separators were removed in the 'dummy function' example, that could be the difference ?

    Maybe the REMOTE server '2004-09-01' has to convert it to a date (to return...

  • RE: How synchronized tables (select) from linked server.

    I have two ideas (neither perfect)

    1. Would it be adequate to have a local table and a SQLAgent job refreshing the local table every hour ? (There are lots...

  • RE: Build a Delimited List And Query Syscomments, Tricks of the Trade

    A Limitation of querying syscomments:

    Larger procedures can have multiple rows in syscomments, basically the text is split into blocks of fixed size. The text you are searching for could...

  • RE: Redundant Indexes

    You are detecting indexes where the column list of one is a subset of the other (and same sequence).

    Will you drop the longer one or the shorter one ?

    What about...

  • RE: Uploading records with BCP

    You probably wont get much faster overall (I mean the time the last users' data is completed) without dropping indexes or constraints, but you say the data must remain available....

  • RE: DB Change Management: An Automated Approach - Part 3

    "make all necessary changes to the target database to ensure that it matches the scripts"

    Without the tool, this statement is the whole "ball game".

    You might as well mention the tool...

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