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  • RE: SSMS is Free

    I clicked on the link to download SSMS v17.1 in the SQL The Voice of the DBA feature for today. I have deactivated, un-installed, and re-installed all the products in...

  • RE: SQLServerCentral apologizes and you can win a book

    I use window functions all the time. I am looking forward to upgrading from SQL 2008 R2 to get more window function features.

    SELECT DISTINCT ComponentKey


  • RE: GO

    I also agree with Wayne. None of the answers were correct.

  • RE: Suggested Names on SQL Login Form

    Ramdas Baghel (3/10/2011)


    Thank you. That is a pretty drastic approach, since I would lose my configuration as well, but it would certainly solve the problem!:-)

  • RE: Suggested Names on SQL Login Form

    I don't see them in the registry. I have searched the registry for the names, but they are not there.

  • RE: Super Quick Table Meta Data

    It may be that SQL 2008 allows values to be assigned to local variables in the declaration, but SQL 2005 does not.

  • RE: Assistance in automating a back-up proc.

    You could also use a different approach and build the backup job by creating a new maintenance plan (open the management node). This will give you the option to schedule...

  • RE: How to calculate sum of row

    Jumping in...

    I assume each debit and credit is associated with a user identifier and has a post date time stamp. If that is the case, it seems to me that...


    There may be a field that you can use as a status field in the existing table structure. You could set a job to update that field every night, and...

  • RE: ssis and vba

    hmmm...I have to think about this.

    I have an appointment the rest of today, and will not get back to this until Monday. If you find a solution in the...

  • RE: ssis and vba

    Sorry, I have worked in vba and in Viasual Studio (current version), but not in Visual Basic 6.0. However, the commands are the same as those that I used in...

  • RE: Execute Package Task

    Thanks for your response. I am not sure I want to design the packages again. I have noticed, like you, that once I have chosen one level of protection, it...

  • RE: ssis and vba

    You may want to try to actually do those steps in SSIS instead of having SSIS call the dts package. This might solve the problem.

    While SSIS will run SQL 2000...

  • RE: ssis and vba

    Are you executing the task from vba? or from visual studio?

  • RE: moving backup files over the network

    I have found that it is actually easier just to back up from the SQL server to a network share, since either way you are moving data over the network....

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