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  • RE: Copy Only Backups - SQL School Video

    Hi all

    I think eric.fung and bakwas28 are correct -

    As Eric said:

    I just thought that if I can successfully maintain every log backup, say from Mon day to Friday, then...

  • RE: Date and Time in SQL Server 2008

    Don't forget, if you run up against the limitations of the built-in types, you have the option of creating your own user-defined types.

    Unfortunately, it does require CLR integration to be...

  • RE: Date and Time in SQL Server 2008


    Fantastic article and a good detailed look at an important area of functionality. Thanks for your time!

    A couple of comments:

    - Third paragraph from the end, it says "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function is...

  • RE: Faster way to delete?

    As noeld says, the key is in minimising the size of your transaction (and therefore the amount of data which must be logged to your transaction log before the data...

  • RE: Need More Resources on RAID Setup

    Well, with the way most RAID works with more than two disks, the data is split up into "stripes" across all disks in the array, so it doesn't really improve...

  • RE: Cost of using @@PROCID & OBJECT_NAME()

    Well, it just so happens I'm building a similar tracing mechanism myself at the moment!

    As an experiment, I tried both SET @Source = OBJECT_NAME(@@PROCID) and SET @Source = 'String Literal'...

  • RE: QOD 11/21

    I agree with most of the voters at this time... the non-clustered index option is not only a viable solution, but is in fact probably preferable to changing the existing...

  • RE: QOD 7 Oct - Multiple Ports

    Interesting QOD - knew the answer from the last time round.

    I can only find the reference to multiple ports functionality in the SP3 version of SQL Books Online - does...

  • RE: QOD 09/29/2003

    Well, in the absence of any other information, I assumed that the question was about row counts, and that the SQL UPDATE statement itself would not produce an error.

    The red-herring...

  • RE: QOD 22 Sep 2003 - Licensing

    I think this question highlights MS's advice that you buy identical machines for a cluster configuration.

    Not only is there less chance of configuration problems, but it also means you...

  • RE: QOD 08/29/2003 answer is incorrect

    This comment isn't directly related to the question, but it may also be worth noting that if you set a database in single user mode using ROLLBACK and you are...

  • RE: SAN Performance vs direct-attach SCSI


    I was surprised to read you can't use controller cache on clusters.

    This limitation only applies...

  • RE: SAN Performance vs direct-attach SCSI


    When you use RAID5, isn't some percentage of the total space allocated to the checksum or whatever it's called?

    August 6, 2003 at 9:40 am


  • RE: SAN Performance vs direct-attach SCSI


    So things have progressed a bit, and one of ideas we have is a FAStT600 with 8 x 146GB 10,000RPM drives.

    Now, considering we need as a minimum:

    (i) At least two...

  • RE: SAN Performance vs direct-attach SCSI

    Thanks for the reply, Andy. The enclosure I'm looking at holds 14 drives, so 73GB drives will give us around 800GB usable capacity in RAID-5, assuming a single physical array...

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