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  • RE: BPE Limits

    Not sure I like the sound of the "Bugger Pool Extnetion" as given in the answer!

  • RE: Mixed Joins

    Of course, in a case sensitive database, the answer is "none of the above".  table_a <> Table_a <> TABLE_A.

  • RE: Restore options

    Of course, before it even gets that far, it will fail because of the missing quote at the start of the filename ;^{)}

  • RE: Tally Tables and Table Variables

    Marcia J - Friday, November 10, 2017 5:29 PM

    Totally missed seeing the AS.

    I saw it, but I was doing some VBA yesterday,...

  • RE: Calculating the Tally

    Luis Cazares - Monday, September 18, 2017 10:05 AM

    Why would everyone read the table twice instead of just unpivoting it?


  • RE: The Order of Processing

    Thanks Steve, an interesting article, but it does rather contradict the order given in your answer.  You have FROM, ON, JOIN..., but in figure 4 in Ben-Gan's article it has...

  • RE: The Order of Processing

    My thoughts exactly (I came here to see if anyone had commented yet).  My assumption is that the ON is deciding what to join and how, and then the JOIN...

  • RE: Pages

    A nice easy one, made even easier by having "an" in the question rather than "a", which immediately eliminated half of the options.

  • RE: What do you do when you have a repetitive task to do?

    ZZartin - Thursday, May 11, 2017 8:55 AM

    Just thought this was relevant.

    I actually thought of this one:

  • RE: Converting Questionable Dates

    edwardwill (3/18/2016)

    far (3/18/2016)

    How do you use the statment? With a correct Syntax there is no error

    I pasted the example into a query window and pressed F5



  • RE: Passing string array to SSIS web service task from variable

    I didn't manage to get this to work using the "proper" WS task. Did get it working from a script task though, which worked a treat. I generated...

  • RE: Decryption Keys

    Had to flip a coin between first and second answer. The question just asks for what will decrypt the field - the first one does do this, it just...

  • RE: Lobbying for Change

    Cody K (4/8/2014)

    Microsoft closes it as fixed or won't fix

    That's my common experience too.

    The other favourite is "this will be fixed in the next version", but we're already several versions...

  • RE: Syntax Validation

    Can someone explain how adding a NOEXEC statement and then having to remember to remove it again afterwards is "easier" than just pressing Ctrl-F5 in SSMS?

    In a question like this...

  • RE: A Questionable Trigger

    Eric M Russell (4/2/2014)

    It's unclear from the reqirements whether updating [IsApproved] column should set [datechanged], or if this should only apply to [QuestionTitle].

    As the design stands at the moment, it...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 131 total)