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  • RE: TOP clause WITH TIES

    L' Eomot Inversé (5/30/2013)

    That's a fun question.

    But maybe there will be complaints from some who think QotD should test only knowledge and not reasoning (except perhaps very trivial...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    You made me doubt myself for a moment, but:

    [cool math]Pretty sure the same is true of any metric space: cover the ball with open neighbourhoods of the endpoints of a...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    This could go on for a long time... 🙂

    a ball in a Euclidean space is compact (under the induced topology) and there's no reason for the definition of a...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    But then, I am not a native English speaker, so what do I know?

    I probably should have confessed earlier that neither is mine. But judging by your last name Hugo,...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    If someone asks me to pick a number between 1 and 3 I don't think I'm forced to choose '2'.

    Nice attempt at a "proof by intimidation" but I...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    Perhaps I did not make myself very clear.

    Of course you can take a definition and pretend that that is how everything "is supposed to work". But I am pretty...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    Not sure and can't think of why one would use as "BETWEEN -1 AND -10" with "start" as the higher value in any practical case.

    Depends on where you are coming...

  • RE: Assigning categories to values 1

    Nice one. Would have had it wrong if I hadn't expected a "catch".

  • RE: HASHBYTES: Is CHECKSUM really required?

    Thanks for the article Nakul.

    I have a question about HASHBYTES (and hashing in general) to which I have found it impossible so far to find a definite answer. Perhaps you...

  • RE: CS Collation

    I have no time at the moment.

    Bedankt Hugo.

    I didn't expect anyone to spend a lot of time on it but mainly tried to confirm that the answer wasn't easily...

  • RE: CS Collation

    Toreador (9/13/2012)

    Hugo Kornelis (9/13/2012)

    hopefully, some of them were posted in jest!

    Mine was. Sorry :blush:

    Don't be: extreme examples are a good and effective way of checking the (non-)validity of an explanation....

  • RE: CS Collation

    Thanks Hugo,

    so is it correct to summarise this as: the sort occurs (logically) in two phases. The first phase is always case/accent/etc (?) INsensitive and the (optional) second phase...

  • RE: CS Collation

    So random words like this wouldn't be considered, as long as the word is legit English word and it should has the proper space in the dictionary too. I don't...

  • RE: CS Collation

    Ah: that's basically what Luis already said: sorry Luis!

  • RE: CS Collation

    emiddlebrooks (9/12/2012)

    I'm also a bit confused why peppers is at the end. If lowercase p is before uppercase p, which I knew it would be, why was it at the...

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