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  • RE: Table Variable :Doesn't care

    UMG Developer (7/6/2010)

    Nice question, thanks!

    I'm a little surprised that so many people have gotten it correct so far, but that may be because of the copy, paste, F5 syndrome. 😉


  • RE: Fast load a multiple table view with an instead of insert trigger - problems

    Well, I think I found a work around... If [destAll] is defined as a table, and not a view, and nothing else is changed, everything seems to execute correctly.

    So, instead...

  • RE: Cast as datetime question

    Dan Guzman - Not the MVP (11/18/2009)

    Interesting, I got this wrong because in Excel 434115 = July 24th 3088, not the 26th. Why there is a difference of 2...

  • RE: adding an xml root attribute

    Since the WITH clause goes before the query, the example above would be:

    with xmlnamespaces('' as h)

    select getDate() as '@timestamp',

    ( select name as '@name', xtype as 'data/@xtype'


  • RE: More Conversion Fun

    My only question is why I thought that when n wasn't specified in a cast/convert it was 50... good thing I never leave out those pesky optional variables in production...

  • RE: adding an xml root attribute

    Using Dan's method of building the root tag manually, I got everything to work with the path() command as well. It's really just a "Nested FOR XML Query" (that's...

  • RE: adding an xml root attribute

    Thanks for the response, but that wasn't quite what I was looking for.

    your query:

    DECLARE @xml VARCHAR(4000)

    SELECT @xml = (SELECT name as '@name', xtype as 'data/@field1' FROM sysobjects FOR XML PATH('object'),...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)