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  • RE: Help the Novice

    If you do use Unicode, all Unicode is not the same. The Win32 API, Java, ODBC/OLEDB, etc all use UCS-2/UTF-16 as their

    representation of Unicode (UCS-2 encodes Unicode using...

  • RE: Error converting datetime from character string

    At a technical level, the datetime field is two separate integers. The first is the number of days starting from the data Jan 1, 1900. The second integer part...

  • RE: Stubborn records can't be deleted!.

    I suggest that you verify that the DELETE where clause is doing what you think. When ever I use QA to directly manipulate production data I always first verify...

  • RE: How much do you earn?

    Personally, I'd recommend everyone to focus more on the business side. From a compensation standpoint, it is a lot higher ($100US to $200US annual)

    It's great to know all the...

  • RE: QOD 6/10/2003

    Really need to grind up this horse....

    Greg is correct, UPDATE is not a real option, but how should we know the intent was to say UPDLOCK. Hey, today, John started...

  • RE: Update Trigger Question


    update trigger that when fired, updates the very same record that caused the trigger to fire. This was not allowed in SQL7....

  • RE: QOD 6/10/2003

    I agree with viacoboni.

    The first choice would be to change the HOLDLOCK to and UPDLOCK.

    Not to remove the lock completely.

    Or rewrite the proc.

  • RE: Question of the Day (QOD)

    OK, you got me on the bulk-logged QOD. B)

    But, it is a great question. I run all systems using full, and I suspect that like most DBA's, have...

  • RE: Date format help!!!!

    Since you have two issues here, first split them up. As mentioned, use DATEADD to add or subtract days to get the desired date.

    DECLARE @myDate varchar(20), @dtDate datetime

    set @dtDate...

  • RE: How to keep and restore the deleted records?

    Some good stuff here.

    Sounds like you already use triggers to capture who deletes, so, as mentioned above may want to add to the trigger to capture the deleted data.


  • RE: Changing Rogue Database Collations

    Looks like a good, common sense approach. Hope I never have to use it!

  • RE: DBA's vs Developers

    I've been fortunate to only have met a few oracle types, and regretfully, they have lived up (or is it down) to the oracle reputation.

    Personally, I don't see the oracle...

  • RE: Other databases

    We have one old application that uses SQLBase. The guy who wrote it (Gupta) use to work at Oracle, so if you love Oracle, then you would probably like...

  • RE: Workaround for DATEDIFF

    SQLServer has Sunday as day 1 of the week, so if you want your week to start on Monday, it can be a pain.

    I had a similar problem a few...

  • RE: Auto Close and Auto Shrink - Just Don't

    For production system, I agree, just say no. Manage space usage based on the business needs (slow time) and don't rely on Auto Shrink.

    I've found some "production" systems such...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)