zero downtime deployments

  • Hello,

    We have azure MI business critical. active read/write, secondary read /only. from what I see most of the HA is handled behind the scenes using Always ON.

    We have a 30 min downtime every month during product deloyments but one high profile customer wants 0 downtime.

    How to achieve that with Azure MI Business crtical?


    Thanks in Advance

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Can you share some more details, don't like guesswork?


  • to add more details, in the current setup,

    Primary Active Read Write,

    Secondary Active Read- Only

    On the primary, we apply product scripts like altering stored procedures, adding index, adding column, alter/create view etc. this needs 10 minutes every month, so there is downtime, customer needs 0 downtime, I need to know solutions for that, for now we are on azure MI Business critical. primary active R/W, Secondary passive R/O, behind the scenes there are 4 replicas.

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