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  • I'll keep my rx-7... 8-10mpg in the city and 30 on the highway. There's no electric car that compares in speed and handling, except the Tesla Roadster, and who has $100K to spend on something like that? Not me... only car collectors spend that kind of money on novelties. On their web site, they point out the problem with electric cars and why they don't sell. It's because, they say, electric cars are typically built by people who don't think you should be driving in the first place, so they design them to look stupid, go slow, have impractical limitations on distance and weight, and they are no fun to drive. Only very specific people can deal with that. The Prius and other hybrids sell well because they look and drive like any other car.

  • I just bought a Prius 3 days ago. I have about 250 miles on it, and half the tank is gone. It is averaging about 45 miles per gallon. I'm told that if you use the cruise control, you can increase that. They advertise 61 mpg, but that is under the most ideal conditions. I like the visibility - lots of windows and you can really see all around you. It has amazing pickup, and goes plenty fast for me. I paid $26,500 for it and drove it off the lot. They had 4 other new ones there, plus a used 2007 that must have been a demo or something. It also has a backup camera that is pretty nice. When you're backing up, you can see everything behind you. They had a blue one with "package 6". That package costs $6000. I just couldn't think with $6000 worth of extras, though I did like the leather seats. It also had navigation and bluetooth, but being a software developer I feel like the less software in my car, the better!

  • To William Plummer: I am driving a Honda CR-X and I love it. They are still making the CR-X (the one in 2006 looks excellent) and the sale is good regardless of the gas price.  The milage is not bad, I get 22 miles/gallon, better than my old Ford Mini Van.  But the handling is excellent and the Honda service is wonderful. 

    I don't know about the ZAP,  but the SMART car is selling in Canada for a while.  It is small. My friend drives a Toyota Camary, and his friend (From Canada) drives a SMART car.  It is exactly half the size of the Camary. But his friend said he had no problem with the SMART car even it was so small and he drove 80 mph on the high way and had no problem.

    I went to Germany in April and I saw the SMART car everywhere.  The funny thing was one time one SMART car parked at a no parking zone, so there was a toll truck to toll it.  Instead of using the chain, they just picked up the car using some machine arms and put it in the toll truck.  We (American) taped the whole thing and took pictures liked we never saw this before.

  • Put those manure producing ponies of yours to work! Great mileage, great visibility, plenty of that Rocky mountain fresh air (with correct wind direction) and 4 on the floor! No problems with kids fighting in the back as they will be too busy trying to hold on.

    Maybe you can get an Amish buggy on trade. They do have to have a battery on board for the required lights, so its sort of a hybrid vehicle, hay/electric.

    Better, convert your Ram to natural gas and help make our pipeline a reality.



  • Can you get the Toyota Yaris in the U.S.? I have an Echo hatchback, only available in Canada, which is pretty much the same car as the Yaris. I get 700km on a 40l tank (I think that's roughly 50 mpg).

  • The Yaris cars are just coming out here in the US.  I loved looking at the SMART cars in London.  I still won't forget seeing one driving down the highway here in Cleveland and laughing at how out of place it looked around here (since there are a lot of trucks and SUV class vehicles).

  • I am defiantly a piston head, my current car is vw Corrado VR6, so fuel economy is certainly not my priority, in fact the for the same reason you are thinking of getting a more economical car, I am thinking I need to get my big engine fix sooner rather than later. I recon the current oil supply should last my life time but I do foresee a feature with alternate fuels, such as hydrogen and bio-ethanol, the later is actually better than petrol for performance, so it's no bad thing.


    Plus all you Americans out there, how lucky are you, you can buy a Shelby Mustang GT 500 for $40K, bargain! The performance mag’s here in blighty recon we could import one for around £40K


    Plus all people living in Britain at the mo, take a look at the MPH 06

    Went to the Gala show last night, top show well worth a look if you can get there.

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