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  • Sorry for your loss Steve.  Another fundamental aspect of life is that one never really understands one's influence and the ramifications on those we leave behind.  They can be profound.

  • I know what you mean, Steve. My wife is, shall we say, considerably less technical than I when it comes to computers. To make things a bit easier for her (and me) I employee a password vault application (1Password in my case) that I store all of my passwords in with only a master password required to enter it. I have given that password to my best friend who lives out of state. He's agreed to help my wife with my online accounts if I pass before she does. I also primarily bank at USAA and they have a program to help spouses deal with financial matters upon the death of a veteran. One thing left to do is a will, which I should really do and soon.

    I also want to ensure that my social media accounts don't outlive me very long. It was disturbing when I got a LinkedIn notification to celebrate a friend's work anniversary who had passed away more than a year ago. I don't want that to happen to my friends and family!

  • My Father-in-law just passed away and I was tasked with erasing his digital footprint. I'm truly amazed at how easy sites and services make it to sign up for things, but how difficult it is to cancel subscriptions and/or deactivate or drop accounts. With Two-Factor Authentication this makes things even more difficult. I had to have his phone re-activated so I could get access to codes sent via SMS to allow me to either reset unknown passwords or to confirm the dropping of accounts. He had no password manager with emergency access, so this process is very time consuming and frustrating. I'm definitely learning some life lessons around what I plan to do to make this process easier for my loved ones when I go below dirt.

  • 2FA definitely makes things hard. My wife has my passcode to the phone, and I've given her my password safe. Need to include some details in there for my kids as well.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, Steve.

    This is excellent advice to think about. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in putting together this editorial.

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