xsd transformation on a st.Proc.

  • hi

    i have a schema collection

    that describes a mapping to a relation data

    that is, an "xml view"

    i understood, and tested successfuly

    how to transform the data using "templates"

    with SqlXml 3.0

    i can get, on a browser

    the "implicitly" mapped result ;

    but i need to do this transformations/mappings

    at the server, we say, on a stored procedure

    the problem is : i have a table with a xml column

    containing xml data of different subtypes (of a parent Type),

    i need to get "implicitly" additional information

    for each xml row, depending on its specific transformation...

    that is, for a xml type X

    i need to "join" with some tables

    but, xml type Y i need to join other tables

    and retrieve different (xml) data

    i need to do this inside a st.proc

    i think this is possible with mapping elements

    please, Jacob

    can you guide ??

    please tell me i need to explain better



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