XQuery string functions

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    seth delconte

  • Nice question about something I will never ever use 😀

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  • XQuery supports four string manipulation functions:

    concat() Helps concatenate two or more strings.

    contains() Helps determine whether or not a string specified as the first operand contains another string specified as the second operand. The length of the search string is limited to 4,000 Unicode characters.

    substring() Helps extract portion of a string from another string known as source string.

    string-length() Helps calculate the length of a string.

  • Nice easy question 🙂 Thanks

  • Would have thought that the supporting documentation would have been


    Above is, in my humble opinion a much stronger support for the correct answer.

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  • Answer choices were sooo much easier to read than yesterday's 😛

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  • Nice and easy. Thanks, Seth. I also agree with Ron about reference documentation.

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  • I agree with Dalton! 🙂 Also, it would be nice to have a "starts-with" function...

  • Koen Verbeeck (6/6/2012)

    Nice question about something I will never ever use 😀

    I didn't think I'd ever use it either (I can't stand XML), but I've actually run across it twice now. Once when trying to search ReportServer databases for certain column references, and once when poking around in the plan cache for querys performing table scans. :-/

  • I had no clue but made a lucky guess. So maybe I should buy a lottery ticket today ...

  • thanks for the question - cheers

  • Nice question - thanks!

  • Thanks for the question! I don't think I will ever use XQuery either but it's good to research these things anyways.

  • Nice straightforward unambiguous question.

    Of course it's about a nonstandard implementation of something designed to query the overhyped and much misused XML format, with which sensible people want as little to do as possible; but it's still an admirably clear and simple question.


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