xp_startmail and switching profiles

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    I'm using SQL Mail to send out Emails to Customers re: outstanding Invoices. I also use SQL Mail on the same box to send out emails to our Sales Reps with summaries of outstanding invoices. Now, I've set up multiple outlook profiles on the server. I tried using

    xp_startmail @user = 'CreditControlDept'

    xp_sendmail .... (to customers)

    xp_stopmail @user = 'CreditControlDept'

    xp_startmail @user = 'InvoiceTracker'

    xp_sendmail...(to internal sales reps)

    xp_stopmail @user = 'InvoiceTracker'

    DOES NOT WORK!!! the profile does'nt switch at all. SQL Mail sends out all the emails using the profile that it started with. How can I use xp_startmail and xp_stopmail to switch between different user profiles.



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