• Hello all,

    I dropped my xp_cmdshell from the master database sometime back due to the security issues.

    Now I think I should need it. How do I re-create the xp_cmdshell.

    And also, I want to disable it kindof. So that noone uses it. How do I do this.


    Parasu Raman

    Parasu Raman

  • To add it back, it depends on your version.

    SQL Server 7:

    EXEC sp_addextendedproc 'xp_cmdshell', 'xpsql70.dll'

    SQL Server 2000:

    EXEC sp_addextendedproc 'xp_cmdshell', 'xplog70.dll'

    K. Brian Kelley



    K. Brian Kelley

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