XML-XSL Transformations in SQL Server

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  • Thanks Cem, good to know. This 'data quality services' looks like one to watch. But it seems to me you could have achieved the same result as in your example by using a standard dot net xml assembly, rather than the new data services one.

    I think it's about time xsl transformations were added to the otherwise comprehensive set of xml features in sql server. There is often reluctance to add CLR assemblies to sql, and yet many of the sql xml features are nothing but wrappers for CLR functions....so why not add just one or two little xsl transformation functions out of the box. After all xsl is often a good method for reworking xml - and not only a method for producing html etc..


    David McKinney.

  • Thanks for the article. 🙂 However, I am using Xsl transformations, Levenshtein, Regex Functions since SQL 2005 came out through my own CLR assembly. I would not migrate to MDS in my case.

    For people new to SQL 2008 R2 / MDS this might indeed be valuable to know .. as u said "why re-invent the wheel".

    Happy New Year


  • This article simply shows an alternative method to achieve xsl transformations without writing too much code. There is always the possibility to write your own CLR assembly or use another library to achieve the same results.


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