xml output from sql query

  • The script runs but gives me "no data to export"  I see data in the $query, but seems like not in:

    if ($items.Count -gt 0)


    # Clear the console window.

    # Database variables.
    $server = "srv1"
    $database = "ItemCost"

    # SQL query to select all data in the person table.
    $query = "SELECT * FROM [dbo].[item_dim] where itemid = '11-371517-582-3-02' ORDER BY [itemid]"

    # Export path and file.
    $exportPath = "C:\Demo\"
    $exportXml = "Itemexport.xml"

    # Check to see if the file path exists.
    if (Test-Path $exportPath)

    # Extract the data.
    $items = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $server -Database $database -Query $query -ErrorAction Stop

    # If data has been returned, do the export.
    if ($items.Count -gt 0)

    # Construct the full file path.
    $fullFilePath = $exportPath + $exportXml

    # Create the XML file.
    $xmlWriter = New-Object System.XMl.XmlTextWriter($fullFilePath,$Null)

    # Set the formatting for the document.
    $xmlWriter.Formatting = 'Indented'
    $xmlWriter.Indentation = 1
    $XmlWriter.IndentChar = "`t"

    # Add the declaration for the document.

    # Add the root element.

    # Process the rows of data.
    foreach ($item in $items)

    # Open the person element.

    # Add the person details.
    $xmlWriter.WriteElementString('itemid', $item.itemid)
    $xmlWriter.WriteElementString('itemdesc', $item.itemdesc)
    $xmlWriter.WriteElementString('itempline', $item.itempline)
    $xmlWriter.WriteElementString('itemplinedesc', $item.itemplinedesc)
    $xmlWriter.WriteElementString('itemcategory', $item.itemcategory)

    # Close the person element.


    # Close the root XML element.

    # Flush the internal buffer.

    # Close the XML document.

    # Today's date.
    $today = Get-Date

    # Construct the backup file name.
    $exportBackupXml = $exportXml.Substring(0, $exportXml.Length-4) + "-" + `
    [int]$today.DayOfWeek + "-" + `
    $today.DayOfWeek.ToString().ToLower() + ".xml"

    # Check if the backup file does not exist, or if it does, check that
    # today's date is different from the last modified date.
    if (-not (Test-Path ($exportPath + $exportBackupXml)) -or `
    ((Test-Path ($exportPath + $exportBackupXml)) -and `
    ((Get-Item ($exportPath + $exportBackupXml)).LastWriteTime.date -ne $today.Date)))

    # Copy the XML export.
    Copy-Item ($exportPath + $exportXml) `
    -Destination ($exportPath + $exportBackupXml) -Force


    # Message stating export successful.
    Write-Host "Data export successful."


    # Message stating no data to export.
    Write-Host "There is no data to export."



    # Message stating export unsuccessful.
    Write-Host "Data export unsuccessful."



    # Message stating file path does not exist.
    Write-Host "File path does not exist."

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  • Try $items.Rows.Count

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  • Tried that but seems like the query from SQL returns no records, but if I use that query in SSMS data returns.




  • have you tried adding a debug to it

    $items = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $server -Database $database -Query $query -ErrorAction Stop

    $items |out-file "c:\sql.log"

    and also try

    $items = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $server -Database $database -Query $query -ErrorAction Stop -As DataSet

    $items |out-file "c:\sql.log"


  • I have the one record captured in $items |out-file "c:\sql.log"



    # If data has been returned, do the export.

    if ($items.rows.Count -gt 0)

    $items.rows.Count   shows 0



    There is no data to export.



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  • Anything else I can do for Debug...

  • Does the code look correct?


  • anything else I can try to see why script not working?


  • What do you get if you have Write-Host $items after the invoke-sql ? Also, change the "SELECT *" to use the actual columns that you need.

    Another thing you could try is something like

    foreach ($item in $items)

    { $item.<columnname>  etc.}

    ..just to see if anything is actually getting put into the $items object.

    So a debug script might look something like

    $server = "YOUR SERVER"
    $database = "YOUR DATABASE"

    # SQL query to select all data in the person table.
    $query = "SELECT !!!!COLUMN NAMES!!!! FROM [dbo].[item_dim] where itemid = '11-371517-582-3-02' ORDER BY [itemid]"

    $items = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $server -Database $database -Query $query -ErrorAction Stop

    Write-Host $items

    foreach ($item in $items)

    {Write-Host $item.<column> ..... other columns

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  • This debug script is returning data as expected.


  • Any other things I can try to figure out why script isn't working?


  • any ideas why script not working?



  • Bruin wrote:

    any ideas why script not working?



    What is the output of the debug script I provided above?

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