Writing a VFP Remote view to join 2 SQL Server 2000 tables

  • Is it possible to write a VFP 7 Remote View that will join tables from at least 2 different SQL Server 2000 databases?



  • I think that the easiest way to do this would be to create a view in DB1 that exposes the table in DB2 and then construct the query from DB1 using the view as your DB2 table.  Just remember your permissions to avoid possible ownership cross-chaining problems from SP3 installs.

    Have you tried using the full 3 or 4-part SQL object qualifier?  A remote view is pretty much a pass-thru SQL statement, so it *should* work, as long as the permissions are correct.

    Alternately, work in Fox 8 and use a cursor or xml adapter - that should work as well.

    Enjoy, and at the risk of offending any rabid Fox people out there, you should reconsider your front end...

  • It should be very straight forward and simple to write a view as you indicate. But as mentioned, it might be easier and or more efficient to create a view in SQL then attach to it with Fox or any other front end.

    You are very lucky to be using Fox. Most people have no idea how very powerful Foxpro is. I can use any number of front ends, but Fox is definitely my favorite.

    Rabid Foxpro user.

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