Writing a Basic MDX Query Pt.2 - SQL School Video

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  • Brian,

    Create videos. Thanks.

    I have a question. When you demonstrate creating multiple calculated measures you say that "you can use the data from the first one". I don't get what you are saying. The only similarity is the measure [Internet Order Quantity], but that is just a standard measure. I don't consider that one "data from the first [calculated measure]". Am I missing something? Did you mean to demonstrate something like

    WITH MEMBER [MEASURES].[FirstCalcMember] AS



    MEMBER [MEASURES].[SecondCalcMember] AS




    Livin' down on the cube farm. Left, left, then a right.

  • Nice one...

  • Hi Brian, it's a fantastic one and I will expect more vedio in the future.

    But Could you please post your script on your vedio so that's really benefit for our programming.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Nice demonstration of MDX. Very Cool.


  • The video was really helpful. Looking for more tutorials on MDX...


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