WPM Typing Requirement for a Systems DBA?

  • Has anyone else seen a job description for a systems DBA with a typing WPM requirement?  Ordinarily I would think they want a lot of data entry but are naming the position "database administrator" erroneously but the rest of the job description doesn't make it sound that way.  I type with all fingers, two fingers, depends.  I never learned touch typing. The job sounds ideal otherwise but I'm curious if this is unusual and if I'll have a typing test.

  • I've seen that before with some non-profits where it sounded like the role was DBA and data entry as well as other tasks.

    Some places, especially smaller shops, need a someone who can fill a few different roles.



  • Interesting.  I've been a DBA with "other related duties" most of my career. It always involves loading some data, cleaning it, etc. but usually I can avoid typing much of it in by hand.  If someone asks me to do that I've always said, "Let me automate that for you" or "Let me write a script for this one off".  The rest of the job sounds right so I'll apply.

    Come to think of it, I did have a job once that had an odd bit in it about performing on some 1960s system but it turned out that that line was an artifact from boilerplate that HR had been using from the beginning of time.  My boss later said he asked them to take it out of the job posting but they didn't.

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