Worth it to renew SQL Litespeed support?

  • I've been sent a quote for maitenace renewal for SQL Litespeed. Is there any benefit to renewing the support?

    I've never had to use support and it seems expensive. I'm kind of wondering what the whole point of the maintenace renewal is.

  • It is really all about managing the risk. We keep maintenance renewed on Litespeed (and you are right it is expensive) mainly because our backups are too important for a potential software bug to end up causing a major issue with. But like you, we have never had to actually use the support. If we did I am sure we would feel it was worth it, as of now it is just an insurance policy in the event we are forced to call on them for something.

  • It really depends on your usage and the database environment. If you have VLDBs, LiteSpeed is a great tool for such tasks as backup and restore; if you are running small databases, it may not be necessary.

  • Yes its all upto your use, as per my experience the restore is really faster than the native compressed database in sql 2008. And specially you can do object level recovery using litespeed admin console.

  • I think Mike hit it on the head. It's an insurance policy. You'll like won't use it but if you every have an issue you can always go to them. If your data is mission critical to your business I say get the support. This can be one of those things that can become a CLE (career limiting experience).

  • In general, maintenence agreements often permit you to get new releases of the product for free or greatly reduced prices.

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