Working on SSIS package on a different computer

  • I developed a bunch of packages on my work laptop and just got a new work desktop and moved my SSIS packages over to it. Opened up in BIDS and got the password errors, put the passwords in and tried running the packages--which are taking data from a .csv file and dumping into a database. My packages are throwing data conversion errors but yet when I run the same package on my laptop, there aren't any errors.

    I vaguely remember something about moving packages like this and possible problems but I can't find anything.

    What do I need to change?


  • I just opened up another SSIS package that takes data from a database and creates a file--that ran without any problems.

  • What is the protection level of the package?

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  • I wound up going in and not only disabling but deleting all of the package configurations and things are now working.

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