WordCloud in SSRS?

  • Has anyone found a good way to make a wordcloud in SSRS? I'm working will full-text data and want to show my clients the most frequently occurring words in a display similar to wordle.com using my company's color themes.

    I'd love any ideas or code that can help me get this built.

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  • Did you get anywhere with this? Wonder if you couldn't (probably the hard way, but...) do your query to rank the words, then assign size/position of individual textboxes using some sort of algorithm to avoid overlap.

    No idea if that's really possible.

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  • Ive just been looking for an SSRS word cloud and found this


    which looks like it could be the answer  - i'd worked out how to do the sql/R bit but not the SSRS so it looks like it might be the way forward for me

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