Windows SQL Server 2012 on Raspberry Pi

  • I am wondering whether or not there is a way to get Windows SQL Server (preferably 2012) onto the Raspberry Pi. I've looked around and I can't put it straight onto the USB, so I am currently looking for some kind of solution or work-around.

    I'm thinking of changing the boot sequence of the RPi to an external hard drive, and having SQL Server set up on that because of the amount of read and writing there is. However, I still don't know if this is a valid solution or if I'm bound to fail.

    The main reason why I'm looking to do it this way is because I've worked with Windows SQL Server before, and I just want to work with something I'm familiar with.

    Any other suggestions would be very helpful.

  • You would be looking at Azure SQL Edge which is an IOT version of MSSQL Server which runs on the Pi no problem.

    The only other way which I haven't tried, would be to do some sort of conatinerisation, docker, K8s etc and then have SQL running that way.

    Unsure if you could get Windows running on the Pi in a container but it would be worth a shot, otherwise its Linux and SQL Server on Linux and SQL 2016 or above.

  • I've seen the SQL Edge in action. It's just SQL Server under the covers. That's your single best bet. Just backing up @Ant-Green.

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