Windows Authentication to on-prem AD

  • Hi All,

    We're just taking our first few steps into Azure and attempting to put a couple of currently on-premise VM IIS & SQL servers for an application into Azure.

    Most of the issues we're facing are self inflicted: Inflexible corporate policy, firewall rules, etc...

    But I was just wondering if anyone is further down the road than me and got any practical "Best practice" tips?

    One area causing me grief at the moment is Windows Authentication. Our AD is stretched into Azure so no worries there but how are other people joining servers to your domains ?

    Do your cloud servers join your "normal" on-prem domain? If so, how do policies that are designed for on-prem servers affect cloud based? Any issues?

    Is best practice to have a different domain for cloud and have a trust to your on-prem domain?

    Any advice in this areas is most welcome.

  • It's slightly complicated and depends on your AD topology. In general, most of the configurations we've done have been a single domain in AD. You could create an OU for Azure, but I probably wouldn't go as far as creating a child domain.

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