Why Volunteering May be a Bad Idea for You

  • Louis Davidson (@drsql)


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  • Jeff Mlakar


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    I admire anyone who voluntarily donates their time, money, or talents to something they think worthwhile. It is true that there is no glory in volunteering, no payout, and likely no acknowledgement; however, there may be other intangible things you gain. 

    I agree with the admonishment of not forgetting to take care of yourself. If you are going to miss big life events to perform some menial task then it is not a good tradeoff. If you don't put yourself first...nobody will.

  • Lynn Pettis

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    Some times the volunteer opportunity grabs you instead of the other way around.  My first volunteer position was in my church AWANA program when my oldest was only 3.  I was asked by the Cubbies secretary if I was attending a discipleship class while dropping of my daughter.  I answered no, that I was just helping my wife who was working in the nursery.  Claire told me I was helping next Sunday night and bringing snacks.  I never looked back and was part of AWANAs for 12 years.  Once that bug bites you find yourself doing more.  I have coached youth sports, mostly soccer but a couple of seasons of basketball, even became a soccer official for youth soccer (some paid, some volunteer).

    I have been a volunteer in SQL community since 2005 right here on SSC, and for the past 2 years in our local SQL Server User Group.  I have made many friends and this is a family.  I find that I get satisfaction from helping others even if I don't get a thank you.  When you see people learning and improving, that is why I continue to help here.  Is it frustrating at times, yes it is.  But I chose to focus on the positives, that is what drives me and probably many of the others that continue to help and mentor.

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