Why Use R Services?

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  • R Services looks very interesting, however, I also would be interested in information of the numbers using it. Is anyone? Not just looking at it or doing Proof Of Concept projects but officially using in a production environment.


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  • Joe lists real numbers in the post, which is what caught my eye.

    I think that anyone using it would be someone already using R that is struggling with the single threaded performance, or wants to deploy R models more easily.

    If you haven't done any R work already, I'd think you have months of learning ahead of you.

  • The problem will always be the amount of data to analyze I feel. I would love to see how it handles with rather large datasets in production.

    Regardless, I think it's hard to move away from the ad-hoc nature of using R with R Services. Correct me if I'm wrong, but R Services is designed to sort of enterprise R scripts that can be repeatable. Most R scripts are ad-hoc in nature for one-off analysis projects, not enterprise. If you want to enterprise it, you go C++.

  • Perhaps. It seems that there are people that use R to do analysis in business over and over, on datasets that are refreshed as new data comes in. SQL Server R Services is designed to make it easy to deploy these scripts so that multiple users can easily run them, as opposed to needing R Studio and pulling down their own data.

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