Why I’m Learning Git via the Command Line Interface

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  • I too tried a GUI-based git solution ... confusion was abundant after a few edits, commits, attempted merge, push, pull.  Two things helped me the most:

    1. a picture

    2. Pro Git [ https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2 ]

    Command line is the way to go.




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  • I agree with using command line and gitk for reviewing logs. That way you don't have to spend time learning a different GUI for each tool Visual Studio Code has nice diff tool also.

  • I agree! (Except I use SourceGear DiffMerge as my difftool.)


  • This is interesting as I found exactly the same thing. I kept going back to trying GIT again, each time with a different graphical tool and I always ended up confused as the tools seemed so complicated and decided to put it off again as they made GIT seem such a complex skill to master. Then one day I decided to use the command line and was amazed how simple it actually was.

    I really don't understand why the graphical tools all seem to be so confusing and complicated as all they should need would be a text box to paste the repro, buttons for clone, pull and push and a drop-down to switch the branch then a comments box could popup on push for you to add a comment. Everything else should be hidden in a different screen.

    I have now set up two batch files for download (pull) and upload (push) that the team can use on their machines. Much simpler than any GUI solution available (and free!).

  • We use GIT via azure Devops (man it is so cool compared to TFS, especially having your transient repository locally and not breaking the automated staging builds every 5 minutes) we also use Redgate source control to push to GIT, but I got a bit frustrated that there wasn't a merge management tool as part of the Redgate tools and I was advised to look at 3rd party tool.... it actually just hooked in nicely with Redgate...

    but i've had some issues recently (i suspect service pack bugs) that meant i couldn't get source control to register a perfectly valid clone of a repository.  - funny how easy the GIT push,pull, commit  command line is. It fixed everything until mysteriously after i had a few days off and found that my laptop had rebooted (back to the bitlocker screen) - funny how my laptop was a tiny bit different and i had to re-set my screen configuration ..... damn scheduled windows updates.

    now everything works , but command line is cool to fall back on



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