Why Does SHRINKFILE Page Latch on a page in a different File?

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    I am running a DBCC SHRINKFILE on "FILE1" of a database (it has fileid = 1)...intent is to remove 70GB of file space:

    DBCC SHRINKFILE (N'FILE1' , 400000).

    For the SPID that's doing the shrink, In activity monitor you can see:

    Waittype: PAGEIOLATCH_EX on resource: 9:3:15411328

    (the DB is dbid=9)

    But why does it need a page from fileid=3? Are there page dependencies between files that prevent moving a page within a given file? Does it need that fileid3 page to come along?

    Its just sitting there in the SUSPENDED state for the last hour....I am going to leave it another 5 hours or so before cancelling.

    the dm_exec_requests has an estimated percent complete at 83% and holding....not sure if I can believe that.

    NOTE: I know about shrinking in increments to get something done....don't need that advice.

    I know shrinking is not a good thing to do as a rule due to fragmentation....don't need that advice either.

    I would like feedback on this particular issue....PAGEIOLATCH on a page in another file during a SHRINKFILE of a different file.


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    SORRY, put this in wrong forum....is SQL2012 not SQL2005 and didn't realize the context I was in....I will add this to a SQL2012 forum instead. Consider this closed. Sorry don't know if there is a button I need to hit to make this formally closed.

    Thanks for your patience

    New thread posted here: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1723645-2799-1.aspx

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