why can''t sqlExpress attach a database that I have detached then renamed?

  • hiya,
    I wanted to swap one database with a similar database in sqlExpress.
    So, I:
    1) copied over datbaseOne.mdf into a backup DIR.
    2) detached databaseOne.
    I then tried to attach databaseOne.dbf from the backup DIR
    error: <<cannot attach a database with the same name as an existing database>
    fine,  I rename the database that I want to attach as "databaseOneXX.dbf "
    I then try to attach, same crap error. I refresh vis MSSQL management studio, close it, re-open, and try to attach again, same crap error...WHY?
    If there's an easier cheap and nasty way to do this, I'd love to know :-0
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  • You need to actually change the Logical name of the database, not the physical data file name.

    Are you attaching the db using a GUI (Management Studio, or the Express GUI), or are you using sqlcmd (T-SQL)?


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