Why can't I put database in READ_ONLY using SQLCMD from a remote Server?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm using MS SQL 2005 - sqlcmd on a windows 2003 box (yes not complaint!!)    restoring to a SQL 2012 server running Windows 2008R2

    I created a job on SQL 2005 box (T-SQL and Command Exec) 

       1. TSQL step backup to SQL 2012 box via network share
        2.   CMDEXC  step - run sqlcmd to on SQL 2005 box to remotely restore the database on SQL 2012 box

    sqlcmd -E -d master -S  WINSRV_SQL2012 -Q "RESTORE
    DATABASE [HR_DB] FROM DISK = N'E:\Backup\HR_DB.bak ......  

        3. CMDEXC  step  run sqlcmd to on SQL 2005 box to remotely restore the database on SQL 2012 box
     No  Error in SQL JOB  - job completes successfully
    I don't see HR_DB on WINSRV_SQL2012  in read_only

    When I run the sqlcmd from dos prompt on SQL 2005 box it does work successfully though... is this a SQL 2005 bug/sp issue with sql cmd in SQL Agent... 
    Unfortunately... it is a 12 year old un supported DB 🙁

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  • replace " with no_wait" to "with rollback immediate" !


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  • Which, it's worth noting, will rollback open transactions. Not the end of the world or anything, but worth noting.

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  • To explain...

    The NO_WAIT option on the ALTER DATABASE means that if the exclusive DB lock cannot be obtained immediately, the command should abort, not wait to try and acquire the lock. Hence, if there was *any* other connection to that DB, the command would run, be unable to get the needed lock, and exit without changing the DB's state.

    ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE says to rollback existing transactions, terminate existing connections and then set the DB to READ_ONLY.

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