Why can't I Manage Reports on SSRS site?

  • Hello,

    I'm an admin on this SSRS site and I can browse and upload reports with no issue, however, when I click on the report drop down option and select Manage, in order to assign the data source and properties, etc. I keep getting the HTTP 404 error Webpage cannot be found.

    This site was added as a trusted site for me and I'm an admin, I don't know what else would prevent me from managing reports.  Anyone out there have any ideas on what the issue could be?

    Much appreciated!

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I am only a beginner on SSRS so can only suggest some things you may have already tried:

    Are there any other admins? Do they have the same problem?

    Do you get the same issue with different browsers/machines?

  • Another thing to check is permissions in SSRS need to be given all the way up the folder chain.  If you have a Reports folder and within that you give permission to a report, you also need to give the user permission to the Reports folder (and to any and all folders above Reports).

  • I am the only admin user who manages reports, and users have no issues viewing and running reports so it's only an issue affecting me when I try to manage reports.

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