Who will the Exceptional DBA in 2010?

  • Michael Valentine Jones (5/10/2010)

    Lynn Pettis (5/10/2010)

    ...Who else is going to listen to the problems we have encountered and how we solved them, or what accomplishments we may have achieved at work? My wife? Heck, I start talking about work and her eyes glaze over and she simply nods in agreement.

    Even my eyes start glazing over when I start talking about work to friends or family. 🙂

    I'm not sure I like the idea of that award. Do we really need that to help us feel better about our jobs? What's next? A bumper sticker that says "My son in an honor roll DBA at company X"

    Actually, I think that the recognition of our peers is quite important. This award is something that many of us, including me, should be honored (yet humbled) to receive. To make the select five, and then be chosen by your peers is a significant achievement.

  • Last year I'd say about 2/3 were self-nominations. Some of them were .... um... entertaining.

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  • I added some of my thoughts on this topic on my blog[/url].

    For this award, I think you may be somewhat better served by nominating yourself (based on the questions). At the very minimum the nominee and the nominator must collaborate (somewhat) to fill out the nomination.

    Since you are being evaluated by your peers, you are not giving yourself the award. Liken it to the self-evaluation piece of your formal review (annual reviews or quarterly reviews - however your review is done).

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