Who is my customer?

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  • Hi Kathi,

    Thankyou for your input. I have been a door mouse in this list but I want to say YES. I agree with your view.

    I always treat all my direct customers and internal work staff exactly like I want to be treated. This has worked very well for myself over the (43) years.

    And if the internal staff cannot get back to me in a timely manner then it does get reported and if need be even the next level up from that until someone informs the other party to, as they say in Australia, 'Pull your head out and smell the roses' Because that sort of attitude does not belong in any work environment.


    Andreas Karre

    Technical Account Manager

  • My thoughts regarding customer service have for many years been based on advice from my boss at the job I held during my undergrad college days working in an office supply store.  Bob's simple directive was "Remember that the customer is the guy standing there with money is his pocket waiting to give it to us."  It doesn't get any more simple.

    Contrast this to an experience in the Wal Mart store in the town where I lived for 28 years.  Many folks in the rural community tried to shop on their lunch hours but there would be limited checkout registers and lines of 15-20 people at each.  When I asked a 'floor manager' why they didn't open more checkouts, her response was "Well, this is the number of registers Bentonville says we should have open now."

    I have always hated Wal Marts


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  • Great article on one of my favorite subjects. I think you are right, one of the keys to business success is a focus on customer needs. I agree that this focus should be at the cultural level--we focus on customer needs because that is just the way we do it here. I will go further and say that poor client focus results in unfair treatment, and treating customers unfairly is always a bad practice.

  • Really nice article, good read for making successful business

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