Which version of SSMS to connect to SSIS 2008

  • I suspect that an SSIS package in source control is not the latest deployed version in production. I want to pull the current deployed package from the production server and check its logic.

    This package is deployed to an old SQL 2008R2 box that I'm currently working on moving all the SSIS packages off and on to a SQL 2017 server.  Consequently, I have SSMS 17.9.1 installed.  This version will not connect to the Integration Services instance of my old SQL 2008R2 server.  I know that I need to match SSMS to server version.

    So, which version of SSMS do I need to side by side install and use to connect to the Integration Services service on a SQL 2008R2 Server, and second question, where do I get it from?  I checked the Microsoft SSMS download page and it only seems to go back to SSSM v17 and nothing earlier.

  • for SQL 2008 R2 SSMS was installed as part of the SQL Server installer - you can get it from there.

    to avoid installing it on your pc I would check if the server has it installed - and use it from there (RDP) just for this particular purpose.

    and have a look at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/394177/how-to-copy-ssis-packages-from-sqlserver-2008r2-to.html as maybe you can do it the "easier" way.

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  • You don't really need SSMS to be able to get a copy of that package - it depends on how it was deployed.  For 2008 deployments you could deploy to the file system - MSDB - or the package store.

    If you open up Visual Studio and create a new project - you can then add an existing package and check MSDB and the package store for the package you need.


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