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  • I know that the Report Designer is a Visual Studio.NET add-on. Will I get the Report Designer with just VB.NET?

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  • Hi,

    As I Know, after RepDesign is installed, we can have a new type of templates (Files -> New -> Project).

    And maybe I'm wrong, but VB.NET is not accepted for these type of projects (I'm  not shure). Only C#.

  • The code behind reports is VB.Net.

    The Reporting Services WMI is accessable from Vb.Net or C#.

    Refer Reporting Services BOL for more info.

  • I have been playing with RS recently and I can tell you that to get the designer you have to install RS client portion into an existing VS.NET IDE. The reports you design can be published to the reporting server from within VS.NET. The reports can be viewed over the web server.


    There is tremendous power in the designer and there is almost no coding. RS has amazing reporting capabilities such as drill down, documents map, subreports on top of the classical "table" (header, detail, footer) model.


  • I just got back from a Microsoft conference and I heard the following:

    - Use RS on VS 2003

    - it will installon VS 2002 without any error, but it won't work

    So if you install it and it doesn't work (the designer) you're out of luck, you need version 2003.

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