Where to find good SQLCE online documentation?

  • I have to make some small developments on SQLServerCE.

    My problem is that I don't know how to create, test the database and after how to put on the device.

    I have already developed hundreds of client-server apps but never any one for Pocket PC.

    Any hint where I can get help?


  • This might help a bit http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnroad/html/road05222002.asp

    I suggest dig around in MSDN or GOOGLE for

    SQLCE Programming

  • I've developed Apps for both Windows CE and Pocket PC OS and I've used the SQLServerCE once ! (for a short amount of time) ... Better you do it by your self From experience I've realised that developing my own database system was faster, more reliable and induced less 'machine' overburn.

    Not that it isn't any good but, the versions I've tried were all too unstable and didn't perform very well.

    Well ... That's all

    My best regards to you all and back to work

  • Thanks Luis for reply.

    My only problem, that I do not want to develope an RDBMS for CE and actually there is already an SQLCE database. Even tough I could replace it with anything (the only goal for the customer is performance) I have quit a deep knowledge on SQLServer (The normal one 6, 6.5, 7, 2000). My concern is CE as I did never touch it before


  • I wish you the very best of luck. Any Pocket PC/Handheld PC platform matters (including specific SQLServerCE related) just post them ...

    Try google (if you haven't tried it before! - it's my favorite search engine) to find related SQLServerCE sites ... It always returns a few

    My best regards and back to work

  • Just did this yesterday for a friend here at work. 

    MSDN and SQL Sample Apps with code for SQL CE





    Once you have installed the SQL CE on your PDA and uploaded your app, you would test it just like any other application. 

    Are you going to use Merge Replication or RDA for connections back to your SQL Server? 

    Also make sure that you install the matching CE version to your SQL Server as there are some nasty gotchas if you don't.  I think the only one that you can download from MS is the SP3a version. 




  • Shawn,

    Thanks for the links.

    As an answer to your question: No I'm not using merge replication. In fact the host database is Oracle. So there will be (in fact it's already in place) a flat file transfer.

    My basic problem is that I'm not able to see my files and my database in the emulator. Luis gave me some hints but somehow it doesn't work.

    I've tried to copy some files to the C:\Windows CE Tools\wce300\Pocket PC 2002\emulation directory, then started an application in the emulator, but my files were not there

    So I thing what I miss is the really first step


  • Hi there ... ! This is the directory where I have my emulator root 'C:\Windows CE Tools\wce211\MS HPC Pro\emulation\hpcpro' ! This app was developed to be used with the HP Jornada 710/720/728 or any compatible system - Handheld PC (i've developed this project with Windows Embedded Visual Tools 3.0 from Microsoft). I've made a search on the executable file and my search returned two results - one for the development directory and the other for the emulator directory (the one above).

    Try and run a search on your executable (might be a script file, depending on the development language and target platform) Pocket PC app.

    For Pocket PC developing I'm now using the .NET Compact Framework that allready comes installed in every system using Windows for Pocket PC version 4 or higher. The SDK is easy to get at Microsofts !

    The very best of luck for your development.

    My very best regards

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