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  • I would like the following features within Yukon.

    • Upgradeable MS XML component. At present SQL2000 locks you into MS XML3.0
    • Not really a SQL Server issue but easier authoring of extended stored procedures.
    • More native OLE DB drivers i.e read SYBASE, DB2, MySQL, PostGres, Lotus Notes.
    • Auto-documentation tool
    • Easier method of storing metadata properties against objects within the database.
    • Again not specifically SQL Server, but a SIMPLE licensing system
    • The ability to add external in-line functions i.e. a better SOUNDEX/METAPHONE from shared DLLs.
    • Replacing the PUBLIC role with a GUEST role with absolute minimum priviledges i.e. not being able to run anything other than what they are EXPLICITLY given permissions to. Public currently exposes a number of stored procedures by default.
    • Wizards that haven't come out of a Terry Pratchett novel aka the index tuning wizard
  • I would like to see an "auto-format" function added to Query Analyzer. Quest makes a utility 'FormatterPlus' - but it only works for Oracle.

  • Thanks for the replys. I'll add them to my list.

    Steve Jones



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  • Well after reading the article most of your requests have been answered in MSSQLXpress, they have intellisense code complete, code snippets, connection to VSS (just the start of the feature list) I have been using it for the past 4months and love the product and they are always bringing out new features, so if your sick of waiting for microsoft, go to http://www.mssqlxpress.com

  • here are some things I have wanted from SQL for a long time!!!

    1.) Arrays! Why doesnt sql server handle arrays? Even Foxpro has them. This seems like a simple thing to do. I even like the foxpro command "Scatter" that assigns the array contents to a set of variables.

    2.) stronger table variables. I would like to be able to "Select..into" a table variable, or even insert data into one by executing a dynamic sql string. currently table variables and dynamic sql do not mix at all. This sucks for  me because I run the same code against numerous identical tables, so I have to use dynamic sql quite a bit.

    3.) Extended functions. We have extended stored procedures, why not extended functions? 

    4.) being able to pass contents of # temp tables or table variables from one batch to another. There are times that I have to instantiate a table variable inside of a dynamic sql string. right now the only way I have to pass the contents out is to open a cursor and pass it out row by row. I would like to be able to pass the entire set out at once, usually to another table.



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