When using Microsoft 365 tools, how do you backup your data?

  • Is there any easy way to automatically backup my data using the microsoft 365 tools, and it is possible to set schedules? and is there any option to retrieve my loss file?. Thanks by the way.

  • Which tools and what sort of data?

    If you haven't even tried to resolve your issue, please don't expect the hard-working volunteers here to waste their time providing links to answers which you could easily have found yourself.

  • As a platform, Office 365 is secure, but your data is not backed up in a way that most organizations require. Typically, there's only a 30-day retention period inbuilt into Office 365, and Microsoft SharePoint Online is only backed up every 12 hours, with just a 14-day retention period.

    A well-known piece of guidance in data storage is the “3-2-1 Rule”. It says that you should always:

    Have at least 3 copies of important files

    On at least 2 kinds of media

    And with at least 1 of them being physically located somewhere else

    Protecting your Microsoft 365 data is still your responsibility, while Microsoft is only responsible for infrastructure uptime. I can suggest this office 365 backup solution addresses this issue and offers a range of features to help you back up your data and have it recoverable when you need it.

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