When is a Backup Considered Successful?

  • I don't have to worry about this because at my company we have a separate Disaster Recovery location with twin servers for all our production servers. I transfer and restore the weekly Full backups to the DR SQL servers. Every other day of the week, I transfer and restore Differential backups. Therefore, if there's ever a problem with restoring any of the backups, I'll know right away! So far, I haven't seen any issues. Typically, SQL Server backs up DBs reliably.

  • very good article. it helps dba to streamline the backup and recovery process. thanks

  • Great article with considerations that should be obvious, but are good reminders.

    Kathy Miranda

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  • Great article! I will use it to uncover flaws in the back-up procedure at the various companies I perform regulare DBA tasks, as most of it not only applies to database back-ups but also to file back-ups as well. Thank you for all those sweet reminders.

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