What's the requirement to have a witness server added?

  • I have a database which is configure with High safety without failover operating mode for it's mirroring. Now I would want to add a witness to this mirroring to allow it to perform automatic failover. May I know what is the requirement for the witness server? Does this server need to have a sql server installed & having the same exact spec at the primary server?

  • The server can be the smallest machine you can build and can run SQL Express. 1 CPU, few GB RAM, some disk, doesn't have to be powerful by any means and no where near as powerful as the primary/secondary boxes.

    The idea of it is to provide quorum like in a cluster setup so that it can act as the broker to ensure there is always a majority share of resources available to supply service.

  • I would advise against running in high safety mode if possible (if your mirror server falls down then you can't commit transaction on the principal) - I've always run in high performance mode... but that does require you to have enterprise edition


  • Hi Can we host this witness server on some other server on network bu creating second instance on an existing SQL database server?

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