What's the data transfer process to update an Azure SQL Data Warehouse from On-Premises SQL?

  • I'm trying to identify how to update data on an Azure SQL Data Warehouse from on-premises SQL by a nightly ETL process, but aren't sure if I'm following the recommended process.

    Is the recommended procedure to use the Azure Data Factory Copy activity to upload one table at a time through a Data Gateway to an Azure blob and use something else to get that from the blob (file) into Azure SQL, as described in this Azure video (Introducing Azure Data Factory Copy Activity)[/url]?

    This approach seems feasible, but would like confirmation whether it's sensible :).

  • SQL data sync services?

  • You could just use SSIS. It can connect to Azure SQL Database and you can move the data that way.

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  • Brilliant - thanks for the replies. I've investigated using Azure Data Factory and Data Sync, but decided to implement a SSIS solution due to the service costs of Azure Data Factory and that I currently don't need a full database copy on Azure.

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