What would cause slow disk access on an AWS EBS SQL Server? (PAGELATCHIO_SH)

  • I have an EC2 instance (r5a.4xlarge) which should be able to do 2Gbps+ in EBS access. This machine has a 7TB mounted gp2 volume, with 16,000 IOPS, which is mounted and contains a SQL Server 2012 database on the H: drive. The database is about 5TB in size.

    When running SQL Server commands (specifically, reading from the drive and writing to another drive), and monitoring the the volume throughput, on this volume / drive, commands are taking an incredibly long time to process and SQL Server is showing a "PAGEIOLATCH_SH" lock, with 34ms response times (other volumes are 1ms or 2ms).

    Microsoft's literature says this is a disk subsystem issue. We do not have this problem with other drives / volumes on this machine.

    What needs to happen to get this from 34ms to < 2ms, like we are on the other drives? Something we're not configuring properly? How might we track this down?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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