What is the best way to import PDF files into a SQL Database

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    Recently I started working on creating a database to store resumes for a HR company and all of them have different categories for example: business administration, accounting, sports science and so on. The main problem that I encountered is that all these files are in a pdf format and microsoft word so it is hard for me to import the data into a table. I don't need to modify these files, only store them into the databases by categories so it is more organized and easier to find when necessary. I'm using mysql workbench. I wanted to know your opinion if what I'm trying to do is plausible/efficient or if you have any recommendations where I should look for information to get this done I would really appreciate that.

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  • But for almost any RDBMS, it's probably a better idea to store the documents on a filesystem (or cloud storage), and store the paths and other necessary information in the database.

    A google search returns many links regarding importing PDFs into MySQL, often using PHP.

    e.g., https://joshuaotwell.com/use-mysql-blob-column-with-php-to-store-pdf-file/

    Note: This is a forum for Microsoft SQL Server 7 & 2000, not MySQL.

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