What is OneLake in Microsoft Fabric?

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    “We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.”- Tim O'Reilly
    I love to work with data and try to capture my learning through the blog post.

    I have been working and studied in different Geo location includes Canada, Denmark, UK, Sweden.

  • Nice advertising article, but I (as SQL but no BI guy) have still absolute no idea, what it is for and how I could use it (or for what).

    Can I throw a few CSV files and some mails with attachments (or tables inside the mail) plus a bunch of XLS in this OneDrive like folder and it imports / converts them somehow, so that I have no effort to write (however) queries / reports vs. it?

    And how much does it costs me? Am I risking a fortune, just because I want to build some reports over the production of my own photovoltaic modules combined with the power usage of my house?

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