Stairway to Biml Level 1: What is Biml?

  • Hi Andy,

    thanks so much for the article and your priceless time.

    I was thinking in a solution for a new challenge I got yesterday when I received the SQL Server Central newsletter with your featured article and I think a have a new opportunity using BIML.


    We have several reporting applications that use different data sources (SQL Dbs, Tabular Cubes and Multidimensional Cubes). We also have several departments and user profiles.

    One of our guys developed an application that manages user profiles and permissions for SSRS reports. He asked if there any way to transfer these profiles to the tabular cubes, to restrict the access of the users when Excel is used. In this way we don't have to recreate this 120 profiles for every data source.

    My idea:

    It would be nice if for every application, i.e., the sales application, I can define a generic profile, and then using BIML and c#, deploy this generic profile in every specific target. In this case we have to develop a module for multidimensional cubes, other for tabular cubes a so on. It would be something like a model driven approach, in which a platform independent model with the profiles is crated , then this model is transformed in an platform dependent model (one for every technology) and finally the code to deploy is generated (maybe xmla code).

    does it sound realistic for you, or should I better go to sleep? 😉

    Kind Regards

    Paul Hernández
  • Wow, this is years old and I know nothing about this. I'll have to read through the series. Thanks.

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