what does DBCC stand for?

  • what does DBCC stand for?



    what exactly happens when you shrink a database?


  • DataBase Command Console

    Don't know what really happens in a shrink... I'll let someone else answer this one.

  • I always heard DataBase Consistency Checker, but BOL (DBCC statements, overview in the index) says:

    The Transact-SQL programming language provides DBCC statements that act as Database Console Commands for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. These statements check the physical and logical consistency of a database. Many DBCC statements can fix detected problems.

  • thanks


    why do you need to put it before a command in QA sometmes?



    DBCC shrink...?


    what is a command console. sorry, I could not find dbcc in BOL

  • Look up 'DBCC statements, overview'  in Books Online. It gives you a good overview of the four classes of commands, etc.

    My interpretation is that it is a loose grouping of commands. some commands are DBCC commands, while others are not (excepting DDL, DML, DCL of course). Sometimes it isn't terrible obvious why.  

  • Sorry about the reversed Cs but I translated from french and looks like I was wrong.

  • Different order, same meaning, Remi.

  • A command console and a console command doesn't ring the same to my hear.. or does it?

  • thanks you all you have been very helpul!

  • Actually, it used to mean Database Consistency Check, but in the SQL2K BOL, it looks like MS has changed the meaning.

    Even Microsoft's own knowledge base refers to the previous meaning is many places. Here is one such link:


    In the end, it doesn't really matter what it stands for, since everyone I know just refers to the letters (D B C C).


  • Just a thought, but it struck me that the difference between Consistency Check and Concole Command could possibly be significant in a certification exam.  I would really hate to miss a question on something so trivial.

    Myself, it'll always be the former, I harken back to the 4.21a days on top of LanMan/OS2.

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  • DBCC stands for Database Consistency Checker .

    Database shrinking: When a database grows on its own it will create free spces. Also re-indexing the table  create free spaces in DB as if you want to re-index a table of size 100MB u require more than 100 MB space to recreate the table. What happened when u shrink the DB is that it will remove these free space and make the DB size smaller.It is better to avoid shrinking production DB unless and otherwise it is needed B'coz free space are needed in DB to perform maintenance function.So when u  shrink DB and do regular maintenance functions it has to create free space agin and resulting in waste of time and resources.

    Also do'nt shrink Db from EM.Shrink it manually using DBCC commands.U can shrink logfiles also.

    search following link for more


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