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  • A very good new word which I do like. I've certainly wondered about that topic.

    The only problem is that in my imagination it sounds a bit like it might be pronounced like "What a shi**er" but maybe that's just me.

  • watashiato - n. curiosity about the impact you’ve had on the lives of the people you know, wondering which of your harmless actions or long-forgotten words might have altered the plot of their stories in ways you’ll never get to see.

    I think it is not only about the obvisious actions, that impacted the life of others (as in your job, marrying your wife ...) but all those random moments.

    I read once a book about time travel, where the protagonist wanted to "erase" the live of the professor who invented the time travel (to prevent some bad stuff). He knew from a story told long time ago, that the parents of prof met and fall in love in the opera, where the young mother walked just down one of those big stairs, when the father entered and their eyes met.

    So the only thing the protagonist had to do, was to ask the father for fire (cigaret) on the place before the opera. This way the "magical" moment passed, the parents never met/fall in love and the prof was never born.

    Later another time traveler wanted to reverse this action (and bring the time travel prof back into reality) and went a bit further back in time and simply bumped into the first time traveler, so that the first one stumpled, sprained his ankle and did not catch the prof's father in time (to ask him for the fire).

    God is real, unless declared integer.

  • Interesting new word. I've not experienced watashiato. I've really had much impact on others' lives, thus why I've not experienced it.

    However, let me say to you, Steve, you've certainly had a positive impact upon my life. And I'm thankful for it.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Thanks, Rod.

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