Want to Know SQL Server 2019 Reporting Services

  • what services is SQL Server 2019 provided at an advanced level? please help.

  • I am not sure I understand the question... Are you asking about SQL Server 2019 (as is in the question) or about SQL Server 2019 Reporting Services (the topic)?

    Or is it more about how the 2 tools relate?

    And what do you mean by "at an advanced level"?  Are you meaning a Bob Ward type level where someone is digging out windbg to show you how things are happening?  If so, you are unlikely to get that level of detail on a free forum.  If it is  more at a "how it relates to my job?" level, that you can probably get on the forum, but we'd need a LOT more information about what you already know and what part you feel you need to know more.

    At a high level - SSRS is a service for providing a web interface for reports.  It needs a SQL Server back end for storing metrics on the reports and for scheduling the subscriptions.

    If you are wanting to know more about what is going on between the two, I recommend starting an XE session to capture what is happening on the SQL Server associated with the reporting services.

    If the above is way out to left field and unrelated to what you were asking, could you elaborate on your question about what you are wanting to know?

    The above is all just my opinion on what you should do. 
    As with all advice you find on a random internet forum - you shouldn't blindly follow it.  Always test on a test server to see if there is negative side effects before making changes to live!
    I recommend you NEVER run "random code" you found online on any system you care about UNLESS you understand and can verify the code OR you don't care if the code trashes your system.

  • Are you installing on your own kit or using Azure. If it is your own kit and you have a SQL 2019 Enterprise Edition license with Software Assurance then you can install PowerBI Server in place of SSRS. If you have no SA or are using Standard Edition or lower then you are stuck with SSRS.

    There is a lot of training material on the web for both products. This site has a stairway to SSRSthat can get you started. If you have a specific question then this forum may be able to help but for general advice you should do your own investigating.

    Original author: https://github.com/SQL-FineBuild/Common/wiki/ 1-click install and best practice configuration of SQL Server 2019, 2017 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005.

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