VNN and unique ports

  • Background TLDR:

    We are creating non-prod WFC clusters. Each node in the cluster will have a handful of sql instances and each instance will have many Always on groups separating logic database sets.


    The Issue:

    I did some testing and while the warning about 1433 on VNN creation with unique IP's per VNN is ignorable it does result in more time to establish new connections to VNNs. We think its due to SQL Browser scanning multiple IP's per node\vnn

    If we give the VNNs their own port we A) Don't get a warning at creation time and B) Can connect to the server faster.

    As much as I don't want to track ports on top of everything else I think we should put each VNN on a unique port. We can't even share the same port across similar VNNs on different instances on the same node or the slow connection times return.



    Is there a port range we should be using for each vnn that is considered a safe range that wont cause conflicts with other services

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